English Language Courses

    Rodmell House offers practice-based English classes focused on real use of the language through everyday conversation with native teachers. We believe that conversation is the most effective and enjoyable way to learn a language, which is why our classes are centered around conversation topics that most appeal to our clients.

    Our main goal is to help our students achieve a high level of fluency and confidence in speaking the language. We also aim to provide our students with hands-on exercises that allow them to practice all four language skills — writing, listening, reading and speaking — in real-life situations (i.e. writing a cover letter for a job position, or calling a travel agency to book a flight). Moreover, we motivate our students to interact with the language on a daily basis outside the classroom.

    We offer a complete language learning service, including: placement tests, curriculum development and ongoing progress evaluations. In addition, we offer customized courses for specific purposes (i.e. tourism, marketing, economics, etc.) as well as for official language exams, such as the Cambridge certificates and the TOEFl, and their equivalents in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc. We also offer linguistic services oriented towards small and medium-sized companies, such as training courses on customer care and presentation skills in the English language.

    Chinese & Japanese Language Courses

    English is often considered the sole global language; the one tool you need to travel the world and do business in other countries. But we don’t think that’s true. It goes unsaid that China and Japan are major players in the world economy. Knowledge of these languages can be a great asset when it comes to international business and tourism.

    Chinese and Japanese may seem too difficult to learn, but we can assure you that with our teachers, you’ll enjoy learning and find yourself speaking in no time. Our Chinese and Japanese language courses use Rodmell House’s same method of practice-based learning through conversation with native teachers, both in person and via Skype. We also provide translation, text correction and writing in these languages.

    Spanish for Foreigners Living in Spain

    More and more foreigners are living and working in Spain and it’s difficult to master the Spanish language. Our Spanish teachers are not only native speakers and teaching certified; they also understand how difficult it can be to learn a foreign language, having done it themselves.

    As teachers, we believe it’s essential to be able to empathize with our students, and to draw from our personal experiences in order to make our classes as useful and relevant as possible in regards to their professional fields and day-to-day life.

    No matter their reason for relocating to Spain, we aim to help foreigners live and thrive with both the language and culture. We work to help them learn the real language so they can make friends, negotiate the rent with their future landlords, order the food they like at whichever restaurant they find themselves in, and communicate effectively with their colleagues.

    Our classes are available:

    • In person

      At your home, cafés or our office.

    • via Skype

      Or by phone or Google hangouts.

    • Individual

      Customized classes.

    • Group

      Six-person maximum.

    International Abroad Program

    At Rodmell House (RH), we like to personalize our services for our clients. We pay close attention to details. Our courses are designed for any individual who would like to learn or perfect their language skills in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

    Summer & Year Abroad Programs

    If you would like to learn English during the Summer, we offer a wide range of possibilities for families, children, teenagers and adults. We’ve strived to design a diverse array of programs so that our clients can take part in an intense learning program and also enjoy a number of dynamic activities.

    For those who would like to learn English throughout the entire year, at Rodmell House we also offer various programs for those who are looking for a more long-term experience.

    Academic Year Study Abroad Program

    This program is designed for those who are interested in total immersion. More and more, we see that parents want their children to study for longer periods of time in English-speaking countries, England in particular. We also recommend the UK as a perfect option for your children to learn English, since it is the birthplace of the language, and closer to Spain than other English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia.

    At Rodmell House,  we work alongside a close-knit network of boarding schools in England so we can offer our clients with a totally exclusive and personalized service.  We are very aware of the fact that not all our students have the same needs, nor do they all feel comfortable in the same situations. For this reason, we select each boarding school based on their academic quality, comfortability and personalized attention for each student.

    The utter murmur of the word “boarding school” turns parents away from the idea of considering sending their children abroad for a full academic year. It sounds old-fashioned, outdated and ungrounded. On the contrary, studying abroad at a boarding school can help children grow as individuals, and be one of the most enriching experiences of their adolescence.

    Although students at boarding schools are closely looked after, they are forced to learn how to follow rules, interact in a different culture, develop their independence, and communicate in a language that’s completely foreign to them. What’s more, they learn how to speak and understand the language far beyond the classroom, but in a wide gamut of situations such as during meals, on the tennis court and simply by bonding with friends.

    Nowadays, the Spanish education system is placing more and more emphasis on learning English, making it compulsory across primary and elementary grades. Yet the bottom-line is that a few hours of English class a week do not bring about fluency. Learning English in the country where it’s spoken is the only way to master the language; to understand native English speakers in any given situation, to have a fluent conversation and be able to express oneself with ease.

    Which options appeal to you the most? Put your trust in Rodmell House and you’ll want to live the experience again and again.

    Summer Study Abroad Program

    We carefully select our host families, schools and summer camps with the utmost levels of trust, in order to ensure we provide all our clients with a pleasant and comfortable stay and, above all, an unforgettable immersion experience. We sincerely believe in the effectiveness of our immersion programs in  English-speaking countries, especially in the United Kingdom (where we have the closest ties).

    Our programs are custom designed for each and every one of our clients. Firstly, we strive to make sure you learn even more than what you sought after, and secondly, that your experience is something you wish to live over and over again.

    Additional Services

    We offer a complete language learning service, oriented towards individuals as well as small and medium-sized companies:

    • Placement tests
    • Curriculum development and ongoing progress evaluations
    • Translations and text corrections
    • Interview preparations
    • Curriculum Vitae (Résumé) writing and editing
    • Exam preparations (Cambridge and TOEFL)
    • Writing services, content generation for web pages, blogs and other marketing materials

    • Translation, text correction and writing services


    • Presentation and Interview: Skills and Preparations


    • CV / Résumé Writing & Editing