Language Consulting

    Given the rising international presence in Spain and the need for Spanish businesses to communicate with their foreign clients, we offer language courses for small and medium-sized companies, as well as other complimentary services such as translations, proofreading, and writing. Our team of language professionals are native speakers, highly qualified and experienced in teaching to a wide range of fields.

    With practice-based courses, our students learn the language while using unadapted resources, including magazines, newspapers and other materials, and apply their language skills to real world situations, i.e. business presentations and negotiation skills. Our classes are geared towards our clients’ relevant fields and centered around conversation topics that most appeal to them. In addition, we encourage every student to participate in class and tailor our lesson plans to accommodate all learning styles.

    Let us know your communications-related challenges and we’ll help you design a program that specifically targets your objectives. We’re here to help you move your business forward.

    We offer three linguistic services:

    • Translation and Proofreading

      We offer translation and proofreading services for any written document, including your company’s website,  CVs/résumés, blogs, brochures & pamphlets.

    • Writing Content

      We also generate original written content for your company, including for websites, blogging, social media, copywriting, pamphlets, articles, and more.

    • Language Courses

      We can provide your business with in-company and online language courses, tailored to your company needs, including Business English & Spanish for foreigners living in Spain.

    Maximum of 8 people per class

    In-person or via Skype / Telephone / Google Hangouts

    Minimum of 75% student participation in every class

    Use of real-world, unadapted material in class

    Customized classes, including interview, presentation & CV writing skills

    Students play a leading role in designing their own classes

    Business Consulting

    Services for Companies

    We provide a full spectrum of services oriented towards companies that are looking to grow both inside and outside of Spain. Our main services include translations, customized staff training courses, social media management, blogging, content management and content creation in various languages.

    International and Domestic Growth

    At Rodmell House, we provide our clients with a professional team that will work alongside you and assist you in successfully internationalizing your company in two ways: One, to better communicate with your target customer; and two, to tap into your target market.

    How do we do this? Firstly, we help our Spanish corporate clients by strengthening their relationships with their foreign customer base, whether they’re inside or outside of Spain. This requires key language services provided by Rodmell House such as text translations and generating written content. Secondly, we can help promote your products and services in the required language, through market research, social media and direct contact with your clients.

    If you think your company should be expanding but don’t know how to take the first step, get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss how we could help.