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International Language Consulting

Translating & Editing

We specialize in translating, localizing, editing and proofreading a wide range of texts in several language combinations.

Tailored Language Courses

We provide practice-based and personalized language courses via Skype, in person and abroad, for all ages and levels.

Content Creation & Copywriting

From magazine articles to blog posts, we create engaging content to target specific audiences and in various languages.


    We like building long-lasting and close relationships with our clients so we can adapt to their needs and provide them with the kind of customized service that exceeds their expectations.


    We come from different countries, academic backgrounds and professional fields. What brings us together is our passion for languages and communication between different parts of the world.


    All teachers at Rodmell House know the frustrations of learning a new language first-hand, having gone through it ourselves. We empathize with our students and understand that each one learns differently.

“Learn how to express yourself in the world’s three most spoken languages — English, Chinese & Spanish — with the team of native professionals at Rodmell House.”